100% Natural Treats – The Pawsome Box (40 pieces)


Introductory Offer – 10% off our usual price of £35.00

Our Pawsome Treat box contains 40 lip smacking, jaw crunching 100% Natural yummy treats.

What can you expect to find in our ‘Pawsome’ box?

Well first of all let us tell you that we will never use tiny fillers just to bump up the number of treats included in our boxes. Every single piece is a 100% Natural long lasting chew or delicious snack in itself.


Pigs Ear 🐷
Tripe Sticks x2 🐄
Beef Skin x2 🐄
Puffed Chicken Foot x2 🐓
Chicken Foot x2 🐓
Bull Pizzle 🐂
Puffed Pig Snout 🐽
Gourmet Ham & Cheese Stick x2 🧀
Black Pudding Stick x2 ▪️
Beef & Garlic Sausage x2 🧄
Smokin’ Chicken Sausage x2 🐓
Golden Paste Sausage x2 🟠
Venison Leg (with or without hair) 🦌
Duck Neck 🦆
Chicken Neck x3 🐓
Ostrich Wing 👌
Hairy Rabbit Ear 🐇
Flat Gullet x2 🐄
Hairy Cows Ear 🐄
Hoof 🐄
Braided Lamb Stick x2 🐑
Lambs Trotter 🐑
Smoked Bulls Ear 🐂
Duck Strip 🦆
Wild Boar Trotter 🐖
Hairy Rabbit Skin 🐇
of pre packed 100% Natural treats (we’re launching with Anco’s Bully Jerky) 🐂🐖

Got a fussy pooch? No worries, just leave a note at the checkout with what you’d like removing and we’ll substitute with something else from the list of comparable value.

⚠️ Please note that due to stock availability and seasonality we may from time to time need to alter the contents of the box. In these cases we will always ensure you still receive a minimum of 40 pieces and any substitutions made will be of comparable value.



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